I believe in the value of public scholarship and work to support deeper and more consistent engagement between humanities scholars and the public.


WikiProject Writing Founded in 2020, this digital humanities project organizes and coordinates the development of rigorously researched, equitably sourced encyclopedic content on both general interest and field-specific topics associated with writing studies and related fields. The project focuses on addressing issues of knowledge equity—the just and equitable representation of knowledge and people—with the recognition that scholars are uniquely positioned to represent with due weight the full scope and diversity of research areas and academic conversations in our fields. WikiProject Writing works to improve public knowledge and address issues of knowledge equity on the most used encyclopedia in the world, and it creates a model for other humanities fields to follow.

CCCC Wikipedia Initiative Established in 2019, the Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC) Wikipedia Initiative, proceeds from the conviction that it is vital for humanities scholars to improve knowledge equity on Wikipedia, thereby contributing to a fundamental groundwork for social justice. We are developing skills, cultivating inclusive community, and building structures of support and recognition for scholars of writing, rhetoric, literacy, and language studies who want to engage with Wikipedia as a form of global public scholarship.


Principal Investigator, “CCCC Wikipedia Initiative 2021-22,” Wikimedia Foundation Project Grants, National Council of Teachers of English acting as fiscal sponsor, July 2021–June 2022, $31,050.
This grant sustains the CCCC Wikipedian-in-Residence position and creates six funded graduate fellowships to support the development of a Translation Task Force on WikiProject Writing that will coordinate translation and development of writing studies related content across the Spanish, French, and English Wikipedias.

Principal Investigator, “CCCC Wikipedia Initiative 2020-21,” Wikimedia Foundation Project Grants, National Council of Teachers of English acting as fiscal sponsor, June 2020–December 2021, $46,000. 
This grant created a CCCC Wikipedian-in-Residence position to support the creation of WikiProject Writing, serve as a liaison between academic contributors and the larger Wikipedia editor community, and collaborate to develop a professional development curriculum tailored to scholars in writing studies.
Background image is of a DEC PDP-11/34 minicomputer, data drive storage cabinet, modem, a covered typewriter, and DECwriter terminal under a window with mustard yellow curtains open to show a sunny day. The photo was taken circa 1984 in the basement playroom of my childhood home.